When are the Matches,  What do I need, Where do I go?



The Northern Nevada IDPA meets the Second and Fourth Sunday mornings of the month -  we have to haul all equipment to the range and take it down afterward so weather can be an issue.

Setup Starts at 7:00 - Registration Opens at 7:30 and Closes at 8:20

Mandatory Safety Briefing at 8:30 - shots down range by 9:00.

We try to be done by Noon.


Gear is always a learning curve for any shooting venue.  The Rule book section 8.0 deals with equipment rules

http://link to IDPA web page www.idpa.com/misc/Rulebook 2017 Master.pdf

The most common problem with new shooters is lack of enough magazines to finish a bay - count on at least six  magazines or eight speedloaders  in order to avoid having to load on the firing line.

The usual round count for a typical match is around 120 .

Eye and Ear protection is mandatory - (did that really need to be mentioned?)

There are zillions of Youtube videos about IDPA matches - If you search for Northern Nevada IDPA you can watch some stages being run.  

Where is the Range?

Search for 4000 Flint Drive Carson City, NV to get many internet maps.  The range is actually at the end of Rifle Range Road - there is a small sign indicating the right hand turn to go to the Rifle/pistol range.   If you miss the turn you'll end up at the Landfill and will need to turn back.

This is a public range, anything left here is destroyed by vandals, there is no electricity, no drinking water, and NO RESTROOM FACILITIES!!!  The nearest Public restroom is at the 7-11 on the corner of Hiway 50 and college parkway.

This is a map image

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